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1> How many players are on a quidditch team?

2> How many balls are used in a game of wizard’s quidditch?

3> Where does Harry Potter’s Uncle work?

4> Where did Harry Potter buy his wand?

5> Where did the Dursleys live?

6> Who is the sneaky poltergeist at Hogwarts?

7> Who was the only teacher at Hogwarts that was a ghost?

8> Who is Slytherine’s house ghost?

9> What was Hermione Granger’s cat’s name?

10> What does Dumbledore keep as a pet?



  1. 7
  2. 4
  3. Grunnings
  4. Ollivanders
  5. Surrey
  6. Peeves
  7. Prof. Binns
  8. The Bloody baron
  9. Crookshanks
  10. Phoenix


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