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1> Who starred with Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon?

2> Where is Mel Gibson from?

3> In which film does Mel Gibson play a pilot?

4> Who was the British king the Scottish were fighting in Braveheart.

5> Which rock superstar joins Mel Gibson in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

6> Which Shakespearean play did Mel Gibson star in, on the big screen?

7> Who starred with Mel Gibson in Hamlet?

8> Who plays Mel Gibson’s father in Maverick?

9> Who stars with Mel Gibson in Bird on a Wire?

10> Who starred with Mel Gibson in the River?



  1. Danny Glover
  2. Australia
  3. Forever Young
  4. Edward Longshanks
  5. Tina Turner
  6. Hamlet
  7. Glenn Close
  8. James Garner
  9. Goldie Hawn
  10. Sissy Spacek

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