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1> In what film did Woody Allen make his directorial debut?

2> Which Woody Allen movie was actually a remake from a Japanese spy thriller?

3> Which writer/actor wrote the 1965 movie "What's New, Pussycat?"

4> Who played the sickly thief named Ratso, in the 1969 motion picture Midnight Cowboy?

5> Who directed the 2002 Sci-fi thriller, Minority Report?

6> Which male actor starred as the Duke of Albany in the 2001 romantic comedy, Kate and Leopold?

7> What was the name of the 1979 blockbuster centered around an ugly custody battle between Dustin Hoffman and Meryl

8> Who starred as T.E. Lawrence in the 1962 blockbuster, Lawrence of Arabia?

9> Who wrote the epic, Lawrence of Arabia?

10> Which actor played a robot wanting to become a boy in the 2001 Sci-fi, A.I. Artificial Intelligence?



  1. Take the Money and Run
  2. What's Up, Tiger Lily?
  3. Woody Allen
  4. Dustin Hoffman
  5. Steven Spielberg
  6. Hugh Jackman
  7. Kramer v. Kramer
  8. Peter O'Toole
  9. David Lean
  10. Haley Joel Osment


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