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1> Who directed the 2001 Sci-fi thriller, A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

2> What actor played Batman in the 1966 movie, Batman?

3> Which awards winning director, directed "Shiendler's List"?

4> What was the title of the 2001, Oscar winning, movie about Nobel Prize winning, John Nash?

5> Which male actor played John Nash in the 2001 blockbuster, A Beautiful Mind?

6> What year was the romantic movie Casablanca released?

7> When was the first movie depicting Cleopatra made?

8> Which female country legend's life was depicted in, Coal Miner's Daughter?

9> Which male actor won Best Director for the 1990 blockbuster, Dances with Wolves?

10> In what year did the first public demonstration of the television take place?



  1. Steven Spielberg
  2. Adam West
  3. Steven Spielberg
  4. A Beautiful Mind
  5. Russell Crowe
  6. 1942
  7. 1912
  8. Lorretta Lynn
  9. Kevin Costner
  10. 1926


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