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1> Which American actor set the record for the most kisses in a single film?

2> How long was the longest on-screen movie kiss?

3> What was the title of the first motion picture using the sound-on-film process?

4> What is the most "extra actors" used in a motion picture?

5> Which country has the most television sets?

6> When did the first U.S. theater open?

7> What year was the motion picture rendition of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath released?

8>What actress played Ma Joad in the 1940 classic motion picture, Grapes of Wrath?

9> What was the name of the 1948 motion picture based on the Steinbeck novel about a poor Mexican fisher whose life is
changed by finding a precious gem.

10> What was the first motion picture projector called?



  1. Lionel Barrymore
  2. 50 minutes
  3. The Jazz Singer
  4. 300,000
  5. China
  6. 1716
  7. 1940
  8. Jane Darwell
  9. The Pearl
  10. Kinetoscope


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