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1> What was the name of the 12 year old Tom played in 'Big'

2> What role did Tom play in 'Saving Private Ryan'

3> What was the name of the agent tom played in 'Catch Me if You Can'

4> Which astronaut was Tom in 'Apollo 13'

5> What was Tom's hitman name in 'Road to Perdition'

6> Tom's name in 'Sleeping in Seattle' was:

7> Tom's role in 'You've got Mail' was:

8> Tom's part in 'Joe versus the Volcano' was:

9> Tom's name in 'Cast Away' was:

10> Tom's name in 'Philadelphia' was:



  1. Josh Baskin
  2. Capt. John Miller
  3. Carl Hanratty
  4. Jim Lovell
  5. Michael Sullivan
  6. Sam Baldwin
  7. Joe Fox
  8. Joe Banks
  9. Chuck Noland
  10. Andrew Beckett


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