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1> All of these stars are in the Magnificent Seven except?

2> Which western stars Elvis Presley?

a) Charro
b) Boot Hill
c) The Cherokee Kid
d) The Gunslinger

3> Which country singer starred in Barbarosa?

4> Which western was directed by John Wayne?

5> Geronimo An American Legend, stars?

6> Willie Nelson stars in all of these westerns except?

7> John Wayne’s birth name was?

8> Who starred in Wall Street Cowboy?

9> Jodie Foster stars in which western?

10> Who stars in The Cowboys Stars?




  1. John Wayne
  2. Charro
  3. Willie Nelson
  4. The Alamo
  5. Robert Duvall
  6. Boot Hill
  7. Marion Morrison
  8. Roy Rogers
  9. Maverick
  10. John Wayne


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