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1> What was the heroine's name in, 'Gone With the Wind'?

2> Who was the female lead in The Philidelphia Story?

3> Who was the famous singer in, 'Come September'?

4> Who starred with Doris Day in, 'Pillow Talk'?

5> What is the name of the Wilkes'plantation in Gone With the Wind?

6> Though they never married, who did Spencer Tracy spend his final years with?

7> Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn starred in _________ Holiday.

8> 'Carve Her Name With Passion' is about which person?

9> Who directed La Dolce Vita?

10> La Dolce Vita means....

11> Who makes a cameo appearance in To Catch a Thief?

12> The movie, 'Mogambo' with Clark Gable was a remake of which movie?

13> Who was the unofficial leader of The Rat Pack?



  1. Scarlett O'Hara
  2. Katherine Hepburn
  3. Bobby Darrin
  4. Rock Hudson
  5. Twelve Oaks
  6. Katherine Hepburn
  7. Roman
  8. Violet Szabo
  9. Fellini
  10. The Sweet Life
  11. Alfred Hitchcock
  12. Red Dust
  13. Frank Sinatra


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