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1> What house does Neville Longbottom belong to?

2> Who is in charge of  Slytherin House?

3> Who owned Dobby the house elf?

4> Who is the head of hufflepuff?

5> In Harry Potter how many children do the Weasleys have?

6> Which of the Weasleys children works for Gringotts?

7> Who is Mrs. Norris?

8> When is Harry Potter’s Birthday?

9> What spell do Harry Potter and his friends use to defeat the troll?

10> What is Harry Potter’s Patronus?



  1. Griffindor
  2. Prof. Snapes
  3. Lucius
  4. Prof. Sprout
  5. 7
  6. Bill
  7. Filch’s cat
  8. July 31st
  9. Wingardium leviosa
  10. Stag


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