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1> Who starred in Logan's Run?

2> Who played Starbuck in BattleStar Galactica?

3> Who stars with Arnold in Total Recall?

4> Who stars in Blade Runner?

5> Who stars with Harrison Ford in Blade Runner?

6> When did Star Trek the motion picture come out?

7> Who stars in The Last Starfighter?

8> The Outland is an outer space version of which classic western?

9> Who stars in The Blood of Heroes?

10> Who directed the movie Alien?



  1. Michael York
  2. Dirk Benedict
  3. Sharon Stone
  4. Harrison Ford
  5. Rutger Hauer
  6. 1979
  7. Robert Preston
  8. High Noon
  9. Rutgar Hauer
  10. Ridley Scott


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