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1> Where was the scene with the sword wielding Arab shot in Indiana Jones?

2> Who directed Men in Black?

3> How many Oscars did Schindler's List win?

4> Who stars with Will Smith in Men in Black?

5> Who plays Marion Ravenwood in Raider's of the Lost Ark?

6> In Schindler's List what do the Jews give Schindler as a gift?

7> What is the name of the city where Schindler has his first factory?

8> How many slaves were tried, in the movie, Amistad?

9> Who directed the movie Gremlins?

10> What is the name of the village that they defend in 'Saving Private Ryan'?



  1. Tunisia
  2. Barry Sonnenfeld
  3. 7
  4. Tommy Lee Jones
  5. Karen Aller
  6. Ring
  7. Krakov
  8. 53
  9. Joe Dante
  10. Ramelle


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