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1> In Gremlins what is the father's occupation?

2> What was private Ryan's first name in Saving Private Ryan?

3> Who was originally cast to play Indiana Jones?

4> Who plays Baldwin the lawyer who represents the slaves in Amistad?

5> In Gremlins who can be seen driving a go-cart?

6> What was the name of the novel which was the basis for the film Schindler's List?

7> Which one of these people was not a 'known alien' in Men in Black?

8> Who stars in Schindler's List?

9> Who played as Chief Zed in Men in Black?

10> On which beach do the soldiers land, in Saving Private Ryan?



  1. Inventor
  2. James
  3. Tom Selleck
  4. Mathew McCaughey
  5. Steven Spielberg
  6. Schindler's Ark
  7. George Bush
  8. Liam Neeson
  9. Rip Torn
  10. Omaha


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