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Stephen King's CARRIE QUIZ

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1> What is Carrie's full name?

2> Why did the girls tease Carrie in the locker room?

3> Who was trying to make Carrie feel more a part of things?

4> Who did the gym teacher keep from attending the prom?

5> Who was Chris supposed to go to the prom with?

6> How did Carrie's mother always punish her?

7> Who was Sue's boyfriend?

8> Why did Carrie make the principal's ashtray flip over?

9> What did Carrie discover about herself while locked in the closet?

10> What nice thing did Sue do for Carrie?

11> What did Carrie's mother say would happen if she went to the prom?

12> Who were voted king and queen of the prom?

13> Who decided to make Carrie's magical night anything but?

14> What was poured onto Carrie when she was announced prom queen?

15> How did Carrie express her wrath for being humiliated?

16> Besides Carrie, who was the only person left alive after the fire?

17> What happened when Carrie got home?

18> How did Carrie and her mother die in the end?





  1. Carrietta White
  2. She was frightened because of her first menstrual period
  3. Sue
  4. Chris
  5. Billy
  6. Locked her in a closet
  7. Tommy
  8. Because he kept mispronouncing her name
  9. That she has the power of Telekinesis
  10. She asked Tommy to take Carrie to the prom
  11. That everyone will laugh at her
  12. Carrie and Tommy
  13. Chris
  14. Pig's blood
  15. She used her powers to start a fire
  16. Sue
  17. Her mother tried to kill her by stabbing her
  18. The house burst into flames


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Stephen King's Carrie Quiz